Hi friends. I'm sure you're wondering about the title of this post. Or are dreading to read what it could be about, haha.

I have terrible luck. Especially in the medical sense. Almost all of my major sicknesses/surgeries have been a bought of bad luck. Appendicitis, cyst, and the most recent... abscess on my tonsils are all things that occur randomly without any real cause. And I always seem to get these things.

To make matters worse with the tonsil debacle... I'm apparently allergic to penicillin or something in that antibiotic because I broke out into hives about a week ago when I was nearly the end of taking it. But of course that can't be the end of my troubles... The antibiotics strike again and as a result I'm left with a yeast infection.

So.. angry vagina. On top of having my period. Go figures.


ycuky!!! But antibiotics will ALWAYS lead to yeast infections if you're prone to them. I ALWAYS pick up a monistat when I pick up antibiotics because I KNOW I'm going to get one....


Garlic combats yeast infections. You can do some crazy things like stick garlic up your hoo-hah but if you pick up some garlic tablets or capsules and take some every day that you are on antibiotics- with taking double the first day - it will help stave off yeast infections.

Also? Apple cider vinegar as a topical solution - just put some on a cotton ball and cover the area will help with the itch.
Some things I've learned :)

Ok well I'm going to one up my sis. I ALWAYS every singe time get a yeast infection. and the doctors know this so, next time the DR writes you a perscription, right then and there ask them for a perscriptioin of Diflucan. WORKS LIKE A CHARM and if you have med insurance the diflucan pill costs 10 which is less than monistat and works in one day with no MESSSS yuck

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