I've been thinking of joining the "Lil Miss movement" with my bffs Britt (Little Miss Scatterbrained) and Kara (Lil Miss Wisecracker). But I need to think of a name for mine! Got any ideas?

Here are some of mine:

Lil Miss Spazz Attack
Little Miss Bakerette

As you can see... I don't have a lot. Hahaha. So pleeeaaassssse help! :)


I liked: Little miss giggles. haha or.... Lil Miss Oven-Dweller. haha

hmmm.... Lil Miss Flour-Smudge.

Lil Miss Cottage Flour.

Lil Miss Kid at Heart

Lil Miss Flourbud

Little Miss Mixer

I don't know.... these are just some ideas! I'll post more if I think of more


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