It's been a crazy week. Last weekend was fun but didn't give me much time to "chill". I felt like I needed another weekend right after all the jam packed fun we had. But the week started non-the-less. I got a glorious night to myself on Tuesday when Derek went to NJ to visit his Mum. I came home from work, watched the Bachelorette (finally all caught up! haha), then ventured out to the library. The Schwenksville library people are soooooo much nicer. And I finally got a library card! The woman was so sweet and she was asking me what kind of books I like and we got to talking about how I'm going back to school soon and she was like "Well let me know if you need any books! This library is small (insert: friggin tiny) but I can always have books transferred over for you." She rocked. And I did pick up a couple of books to read. The one I'm reading now...

"The Boy Next Door" by Meg Cabot. She's cool and has a quirky sense of humor. And the whole book is a series of emails which is different and fun. I did find a few series I want to read (yay for checking off another thing from my 30 list!) but I couldn't find the books in the small ass S-ville library. Maybe someday next week I'll try looking in the E-ville library.

Starting on Wednesday my week got painfully insane. Work got crazy busy and we started coming in at 6am and sometimes not leaving until after 3. Generally I was working 9 hr days. One day I worked a 10.5 hr day. I could hardly walk when I got home. Blah! This in turn has meant that my running has suffered. It's hard to run when you feel like you can barely walk. Plus a couple of rainy days here and there made me miss a couple. So now I'm behind in training for my 5K and am really doubting that I'll be able to do it.

I went out running just now and my goal was to do 2 miles. Rather than concentrate on the time, I was trying to do mileage. Because a 5K isn't "run for 30 mins", it's "run for 3.1 miles". Well... I failed. Running mileage is so different than time because when you run for 20 mins it doesn't matter how fast or slow you go because you have to run the same amount of time. So I would usually just take it easy and go pretty slow. Well if I want to do this 5K without having to run for 45 mins straight I knew I needed to pick up my pace. And when running mileage it's tempting to go faster so that you're finished sooner. Well, I started out really good... but kinda fast. I was probably running a good 3 mins faster than normal. Well as you can imagine that didn't last too long. I did slow down after a while and then when I hit the 1.5 mile mark I just stopped. I had this awful pain in my side, I was bent over this railing trying not to puke or pass out. It sucked. :( I was hoping to just breathe for a minute and then keep going but I couldn't run anymore so I just walked the rest of the way home. It was so discouraging and now I really don't know if I can do the 5K. I can hardly run 1.5 miles... let alone doubling that. I dunno, it's frustrating. I could maybe do it if I just went slower but again...then I'd be running for like 45 mins. And the longest I've run so far has been 20. double that time or to double that mileage... each way seems impossible. Ugh, depressing.

The good news is that I have been doing really well at accomplishing my list. I planted flowers in the front but most of them have died already. I don't think they get enough sun. And then downpour raining has ripped a lot of the flower heads off. It's a little frustrating since I put a lot of time and money into it. Oh well. At least I can check that off my list.

1. Run a 5K! (June 23rd baby)
2. Give Derek a haircut
3. Do a puzzle
4. Go for a bike ride
5. Make jam with peeps
6. Buy patio furniture
7. Learn a new recipe
8. Try some of the recipes in the HG books
9. Eat some fondue
10. Plant flowers in the front garden
11. Go to the library
12. Get a library card
13. Find a new book series to read

14. Cook something over an open fire
15. See Sex and the City with Kara @ Lil Miss Wisecracker
16. Go to the Schwenksville carnival!
17. Go to the Greek festival in Audubon with Jason
18. See people from P-Bread
19. Get icecream at a local icecream shoppe

20. Go swimming!
21. Go to a Phillies game
22. Have a picnic
23. Make a fairie world in my garden, hehehe.
24. Throw a girl's night in party with healthy snacks-- yummmmm!
25. Go to a yard sale
26. Make a bird feeder
27. Make homemade icecream
28. Try a new restaurant
29. Take Derek to see Eastern's campus
30. Go geocaching!

This weekend Derek and I are going to make homemade icecream and cook over our "new" firepit. So that will be two more! I am also hoping to go for a bike ride tomorrow morning on the Perk trail.

Oh, and, guess what? Today is mine and Derek's 7 month! :D


That really stinks about work :( I missed you on Thurs! But, I'm sure you definitely needed the night to chill.

What are your thoughts about doing a run/walk for the 5K? Even if it takes a little longer than you like, it would still be cool to have the experience of doing it.

Awesome about your list! I'm hoping to knock a couple more things off of mine this weekend, too :)

I'm sorry about work. I hope this week turns out a little better.

That also stinks about the running. I hate when you have bad runs because they can be so discouraging. But remember that any running or walking that you do is great for your body. Even if you don't make your goal of the 5K at the end of the month or if you have to walk some of it, you're still doing great things for yourself every time you get out there and move. That's what it's all about in the end, isn't it?

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