Sooo... out of 30... I've completed 8! And it's only the 6th! I think I'm doing pretty darn good. :)

I'll steal from Gen and highlight the ones I've done.

1. Run a 5K! (June 23rd baby)
2. Give Derek a haircut
3. Do a puzzle
4. Go for a bike ride
5. Make jam with peeps
6. Buy patio furniture
7. Learn a new recipe
8. Try some of the recipes in the HG books
9. Eat some fondue
10. Plant flowers in the front garden
11. Go to the library
12. Get a library card
13. Find a new book series to read
14. Cook something over an open fire
15. See Sex and the City with Kara @ Lil Miss Wisecracker
16. Go to the Schwenksville carnival!
17. Go to the Greek festival in Audubon with Jason

18. See people from P-Bread
19. Get icecream at a local icecream shoppe
20. Go swimming!
21. Go to a Phillies game
22. Have a picnic
23. Make a fairie world in my garden, hehehe.
24. Throw a girl's night in party with healthy snacks-- yummmmm!
25. Go to a yard sale
26. Make a bird feeder
27. Make homemade icecream
28. Try a new restaurant
29. Take Derek to see Eastern's campus
30. Go geocaching!

Friday night I went to the Greek festival with Jason, Brittany and Kara. We were hyper crazy and it was awesome. The fair itself was kinda blah but we had fun with the frog game and watching the Greek people dance. Opa!!

Then we decided to get icecream at a local icecream shop and it was yummmmm. Kara and I split a banana split (whoooo! Is that why it's called a banana split? lol!) J had to leave us to head to work so it left Britt, Kara and I to figure out if we should go home... or keep our random night going. We kept going! Off to Wawa for snacks and then to the movie theatre to see a late night showing of Sex and the City 2. Which was just barely okay. And then we ended the night with a shopping trip at 2am. It was awesome.

Saturday I slept like allll day and then D and I went to the Schwenksville carnival. It was about as exciting as the Greek one--- only this one had shaved ice and a ferris wheel.... which we both took part in. It wasn't bad. Then we got chinese and snuggled in for the night to watch some Firefly.

Now on this muggy Sunday, me and my three besties are going to pick strawberries and make jam! And I made an HG recipe to bring along to our canning party (jam session). Cold cuts + bean and cheese dip + sangria + besties = yay!


dude0----- what about the books I lent you?

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