On Wednesday, Derek and I met my parents at Citizen's Bank Park for the Phillie's game against the Cleveland Indians. It was all in all a fun night. It was sooo hot-- almost 100 degrees out and we were sweating like none other. I stood up at one point and realized that the back of my pants were SOAKED with sweat. ... I looked like I had pissed myself! :( But eventually it dried and the night cooled down as the sun set. The Phillie's did well and it was a delightfully close game, which made it worth watching. We snacked on soft pretzels and popcorn and my Mom even bought me a Phillie's P to go on the back of my car. Yay!

But, by far the most entertaining and bizarre moment of the night was the halftime mascot non-sense. Usually a team's mascot won't travel with it when they leave town but because they're "friends" the Indian's mascot "Slider" came to visit the Phanatic. Well.. at one point it got a little awkward. Luckily, someone caught it on video and uploaded it onto Youtube. So now I can share it with you! :)


Tune in next time for a brand new... list! :O


O my word! That video was HILARIOUS! Love it.

Can't wait to see this new list of yours :)

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