So my new favorite breakfast thing? Fruit smoothies. They're so yummy, refreshing and totally healthy! Plus, so easy to make.

The trick is to use frozen fruit. It's really great because there's no prep involved! No need to slice any fruit beforehand. And it's fairly cheap for a big bag at the grocery store. So last week I got a bag of mixed berries and a bag of mixed tropical fruit (mango, pineapple, kiwi, papaya...) and have been loving it.

Also, if you have any bananas that are getting too ripe you can throw them in your freezer to save for smoothies!

There's no need for ice if the fruit is frozen. From there on-- it's just some frozen fruit, half a cup of milk (I love it with the Vanilla Soy) and bleeeeeeeend! You can also use fruit juice, or yogurt or icecream (although that kills it's healthy factor).

Very yummy indeed!


sounds super yummy! I need to do this.

I lovvvveeee fruit smoothies!! One that's my fav??

Frozen strawberries/berry mix, banana, and some OJ! yummmm!

What about just being Lil Miss Brain Doodlies? Then all you have to do is change your header?!

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