I've been thinking of joining the "Lil Miss movement" with my bffs Britt (Little Miss Scatterbrained) and Kara (Lil Miss Wisecracker). But I need to think of a name for mine! Got any ideas?

Here are some of mine:

Lil Miss Spazz Attack
Little Miss Bakerette

As you can see... I don't have a lot. Hahaha. So pleeeaaassssse help! :)

Look, I'm posting! :P And I changed my layout-- isn't it pretty? I'll probably do that a lot as I get bored with them quickly.

It's 8am on a Saturday morning and I can't sleep in. :( It might be the combination of going to bed too early (3am-- which is early for me) and the fact that I'm lying in bed thinking of all the things I still need to get done this week.

Snow + getting sick + having oral surgery and being knocked out for a couple of days really puts you behind in stuff. And this weekend is busy with parties which are fun but obviously time consuming. I still have a million scholarships to apply for and other various grad school stuff. I also (maybe foolishly) agreed to help a friend with a baby book she's making and told her I'd make a bunch of fish by March. On Monday I start a new trainee at Panera. His name is Josh and while I haven't met him yet, Derek tells me he's a talker. So that should be interesting. Training is fun but I have some things I need to do in preparation before Monday comes rolling around. Busy busy!

Is it time for a vacation yet? Derek and I have been thinking about where to go on vacation since we don't want to waste the time doing something boring like sitting at home all day. Any ideas? So far we've been throwing around the idea of going to Vegas or Florida. His g-ma lives in Florida but I think a lot of the appeal there would be Disney World (I've never been!) and I'm not sure how expensive the plane ticket and the Disney World stuff and all that could get. Also-- we might only be able to get four days off together. Could be complicated. We have some time to figure it out-- he doesn't get more vacation days until his work anniversary rolls around in April. Maybe we'll go somewhere cool for our 6 month anniversary. :)

Okay, I've rambled enough. And I just might be sufficiently tired enough to go back to bed. So we'll see. Thanks for reading and I proooooommmmmiiiiissssseeeee I'll try to keep up with this more!

Lots of love to you all!!


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