The other day Derek and I were wandering around a Barnes and Noble (looove it!) and I stumbled across this fun looking book called "200 under 200" by Lisa Lillien... also known as Hungry Girl. This book has 200 recipes for meals, appetizers, desserts, dips and all types of snacky things.. all for under 200 calories. :O So naturally, I HAD to buy it. There are recipes in there for red velvet cupcakes(!), frozen coffee drinks, wraps, burritos, tacos and a whole section of faux-fried recipes... including one for MOZZ STICKS!!! For under 200 cals?! Can you believe it? I want to die. This is so fantastic!

What's even better than all this? Go there. Now. There are free recipes for all kinds of awesome stuff. Also, she does what she calls a "swap" where you see a fav restaurant recipe and it's nutritional information and then the HG version and the difference of nutrition. The one I almost peed my pants ate? CPK's BBQ chicken pizza. The HG version is only 340 calories... compared to the 1,136 in CPK's. Seriously freaking epic.


I'm perusing now. Cannot wait to try those mozz sticks!

Ok, sorry for back to back comments... but! Have you checked out the Girls Bite Out? Amazing! All the stats on restaurant food - things to avoid and the best entrees and apps to go for. Love it! (p.s. this site is making me stay up past my bedtime!)

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