Last night on my night off I went on a cleaning frenzy. Starting with the bathroom.. I cleaned everywhere. The kitchen and the living room. Even the office and pantry got straightened up. I finally hung up the clothes I had been meaning too. And vacuumed! I was so proud. And the house looks so nice and clean. :) And the best part is that now I want to keep it clean. After breakfast instead of leaving the dishes around or in the sink they went right into the dishwasher. And I've noticed I've been picking up after myself. Or making sure not to throw clothes on the floor but in the hamper or hang them up. I'm psyched. It feels awesome. I hope it lasts, hahaha.

So I found this awesome website with funny/cool pictures. So if you're bored at work-- here you go! :)

For anyone who doesn't know yet... I put in my two weeks notice at Panera and am starting a new job at a catering company called Apple Spice Junction. The hours (from 7am-3pm) are going to work perfect for when I go to grad school in the fall. It's also a Monday- Friday job so I'll have weekends free! And holidays off! And nights to hang out with friends! :D I'm super excited about starting and am counting down the days. (14!) Hehe.

Anyway, that's all that's really new. Adios!

Two days ago I had a sad running day. It was hot, I hadn't eaten much before we went... and I failed. I was pushing myself too hard, trying to do hills at the same time I was increasing my time. It just didn't work. At one point I was pushing and pushing to run fast up and over this hill and when I got to the top, even though I still had a minute to run to make my time, my body just stopped. I felt so discouraged that the rest of the 15 mins, I just walked. I felt like such a failure and it just became so apparent how much of running (or any exercise for the matter) is a mind game.

Today was better, I am glad to be able to say. First off-- it's nice and cool today and the wind felt good while running. I ate beforehand and I didn't try any hills-- just went my normal route and ran 3 mins, 2 walked, etc.

Also, my new secret weapon:
Aren't they sexy? :) Got them for 95 bucks and boy do they make a difference! My feet feel great! Takes a little getting used to but it was definitely worth the money... considering how many miles I'm going to get out of them. w00t!

At the beginning of my time running today I had been vocalizing my fears as far as possibly failing again today. Derek said, "Just do something for 30 mins and end on a good note" So that's what I did! I did my normal R3/W2 routine but at the end decided to push myself and I ran 5 mins! After that 3 min hump, it got easier and felt good. I ended on a good note for the day and the week and now I'm excited to start my 4 mins of running next week! :)

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