So I sit here with a hospital bracelet on my left wrist and my entire right forearm in a gauze dressing as I wait for the pain medicine to kick in. Some nights at work go much different than you'd imagine... Through no fault of my own (not even my cluminess!) I got a large burn on my forearm. Most of it is a first degree burn while a particular portion is second degree. I could complain about my rotten luck but instead I'm trying to see the good in the situation. For one, I have an awesome boss who came in on his night off to take me to the hospital. (Though I should say go with me to the hospital since I was quite capable of taking myself) Secondly, workman's comp will cover my missed time at work tonight, as well as any hospital bills so I can be very thankful for that. I also now have the supplies for the next time I burn myself, as it seems unavoidable. They gave me salve, some bandages and a prescription for Percocet if the pain gets bad enough.

I was thinking about the salve while I was waiting for the nurses to return to my hospital room. It definitely did not feel nice when they put it on. It had been the first thing to really touch my burn and it really hurt. They then covered the salve and the entire surrounding area in a gauze bandage. That hurt too. Contact to the wound is never a pleasant thing. And yet.. I kept thinking about how that salve and the necessary pain of the bandage would aid in the healing of my burn. How alike that is to salvation. And funny how similiar the words are as well.

I believe that salvation is a continual process. We are
being saved. And like salve, salvation disinfects and heals... and the whole process hurts. Sometimes we as Christians forget that God is calling us to a salvation that includes a change in ourselves. So easy it is to point to the cross and say "Jesus took care of it all". In no way am I doubting Christ's ultimate sacrifice, for He is our Passover Lamb; the reason we don't need to make sacrifices any longer. But neither am I convinced that Jesus is the only one who has to bear the cross. I think that God calls us to make right the things we've made wrong. To be disinfected of our sin. To change and "sin no more". To apologize to those we've hurt. To show Him obedience when we've disobeyed. This is not us "earning" salvation. No no, this is the salve. The precious but painful salve that needs to be applied when we have wounds to be healed. God sees the big picture. He knows that the pain we go through of having to apologize, to make things right-- will in the end soothe and heal those sinful wounds.

And hopefully, the salve will help to minimize the scars.


Hopefully this will be a good way for me to put into words what I've been thinking about. I welcome all you readers and ask only one thing-- take my writings with a grain of salt. I'm not claiming to be perfect in any way. Anything I am mulling over that sparks an interest in you-- please do the research for yourself! Don't just take what I say as truth. And I look forward to hearing what you dig up in your research. This should be fun!

And...I'll start tomorrow. Kinda brain dead from the whole setting it up and finding a template business. Lots of love!


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