So I started my new job today. It's been a strange process trying to get back to the normal 9-5 lifestyle. Last night I only got 2.5 hours of sleep (ugh!) but this is partly due to the fact that Derek and I just lied in bed talking on and on. It was kinda cute. But I digress...

New job today. Still hasn't set in that I'm done at Panera. Or that I'll be going back to work at Apple Spice tomorrow and the next day (and the next day....). I was super nervous this whole week about starting and yesterday I was a wreck with anxiety. But I had my coffee this morning and got to listen to the Elvis Durin Morning Show (yay!) on my way to work. All the stress was for nothing... Turns out, I'm awesome. I kicked butt at making salads today and they seemed very impressed at how fast I was picking it all up.

It was a little frustrating at times because they would say "Go get a six pan" or "Sanitize the drain sink and then grab a turkey and a ham and drain them"... and my brain would go "HUH?!" I didn't really get training per se. It was more like they told me really fast what I had to do and then I had to do it. And figure it out along the way. Had I not had the Panera experience I would've drowned. But thanks to P-bread, I'm fast and can generally comprehend kitchen speak. It got easier once I got down some key phrases they all like to use. I asked a lot of questions but no one minded and everyone was super nice. I was kinda losing patience at the end though because people started going home and I was still being told to do this and do that... and ended up staying and working for a total of 9 hours. (Oh, that includes a 15 minute lunch break-- which was the only time I sat all day)

I came home exhausted but I'm hoping tomorrow will be better. 1) I'll have had more rest. 2) It won't be a crazy Monday. 3) We'll be more staffed (one girl called out sick today)... and 4) I won't feel so lost this time! Which is a big yay!

I feel pretty good about it. Still lots to learn but already I feel like I have a huge grasp on things and it's only day 1! All in all, good day. Once I finally got to go home at the end of the day. ;)


That's awesome, Amy!! I've been thinking about you and Apple Spice all day :)

And yay for Elvis Duran!!! ;)

I'm antsy for another blog update from you... perhaps with an updated name perhaps? How's work this week? Have you been able to fit in any runs?

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